About iFlourish

iFlourish is a one-stop mentoring service transitioning clients into leading a whole-foods, plant-based diet.  We can help you with everything you need including: 

Kitchen Organization,

Cooking Skills,

Nutritional Label Reading

Shopping for Healthy Food


Ordering Healthy Foods in Restaurants

iFlourish will also work with you to develop a regular and attainable exercise program.  We work with individuals, families, or other groups to make this transition not only the most important, but also one of the most enjoyable life experiences. It has been shown through extensive scientific research that a whole-foods plant-based diet is not only healthiest way to eat;  but also serves as medicine, reversing heart disease, diabetes, and innumerable other illnesses, including cancer.  In addition to improving and aiding in maximizing personal health, it is also the environmentally friendliest way to eat.  



A variety of flourishing vegetables for a whole-food, plant-based menu.

A variety of flourishing vegetables for a whole-food, plant-based menu.


We believe that eating plants in their most complete unprocessed form, lourishFa whole-foods, plant-based diet, can change the health of our society.  

We also believe children are a key conduit for making this happen, as they represent our future.

The standard American diet is bringing our population to its knees with the span of illnesses it causes.  

iFlourish is here to aid Americans in transitioning into a style of eating and living that promotes health and wellness, inside and out.